Over a Pint: A Taste.

[You may have noticed this collaborative element of the blog never came to fruition.  I had hopes it would, but alas, some things just aren’t meant for each season.  Feel free to listen.  If you would like to collaborate, please comment or find me on Twitter.]

The Noggin Squall comes in pints?  Actually that’s not true.  However, portions of what appears on the Squall are the result of quality time spent with friends over pints, coffee mugs, and periodically burrito bowls.  Over a Pint is where you’ll find my periodic conversations and collaborations with friends from around the internet.  This may include dialogue with other existing blogs or, as is the case today, videos I have collaborated on.

Hear us shoot the breeze about Star Wars and the actor slated to play a young Han Solo.  Also, be sure to check out my buddy JaimeBot and others under the Links menu.


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