The Life and Times of Jacob Travlers Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Thaw Jacob Malachi Travlers, you are hereby evicted from Travlers’ Mill and adjacent grounds. Please vacate within a day’s time. Jacob read it over and over again, sighs punctuating each read. The month and day were scribbled at the bottom next to his brother and sister-in-law’s signatures. […]

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Independence Day: Resurgence- Blockbuster Destruction and Minor Spoilers

Did you see Independence Day: Resurgence? I did. It didn’t stand out as a masterpiece but, by golly, it was so much fun. Space ships, lasers, Jeff Goldblum’s cynical quips. It even climaxed with a Cthulhu inspired, Kaiju-esque alien rampage. I ate my popcorn and watched the extraterrestrial mayhem unfold. […]

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